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Gag Gifts

Are you looking for some silly stocking stuffers or small goofy gifts for your family or friends? Many of the items below are as functional as they are funny. The recipient may giggle or gasp at the sight of some of these gifts, so go ahead and pick a present or two!

A big dose of laughter is just what the doctor prescribed… For your friend who is always clowning around, give this emergency clown noseicon so they can whip out this red nose in a jiffy when others are feeling down in the dumps.
For a friend who has a case of the blues, give these Encourage Mints! Each time they pull out this tin, they’ll be greeted by Mister Rogers’ friendly face. (Know someone who is retiring soon? Give them some Retire Mints.)
Kids and adults alike will get a lot of laughs out of this trick squirt camera.icon Pulling pranks is more fun with the two-way nozzle—aim it at the person in front the camera or at the person taking the photo!
A funny gift for a child’s or teen’s messy room, personalize a danger signicon with your loved one’name.
Scribble a top secret message with this disappearing ink pen, and the ink will completely disappear in 48 hours!
Lather up! For your loved ones who adore all things bacon, this scented body washicon will have them feeling great and smelling bacon fresh.
This Money Soap has real currency in the middle of the bar. (The soap guarantees to have a $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill inside.) Hmm… Does anyone need an incentive to wash their hands or bathe more frequently?
The Bathroom Guestbookicon is a journal for friends and family to record their thoughts, draw a doodle, and jot down other details of their lavatory visit. Guests will enjoy a lot of laughs as they peruse the pages of previous visits.
At first glance, one might think these green-striped candy canes are minty, but a quick lick will reveal their true flavor—wasabi! Looking for more unique flavors to pull a prank? Check out these bacon, gravy, and pickle candy canes.
Pull a sticky prank on your friends and family by placing these chewed gum magnets on the fridge, car, or locker!
For a prankster, this evil laugh button is the icing on the cake for their mischievous antics. Whenever their capers are complete, they can press this button to sound a maniacal laugh.

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