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Gift Baskets: Coffee & Chocolate Lovers

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Who loves chocolate? Doesn’t everyone love chocolate? I think that chocolate should be its own food group. Seriously, I love chocolate. How about coffee? Talk about a comfort beverage. There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee, unless it is mocha—then you’ve got the best of both worlds! If you’re looking for gifts for the coffee/chocolate lover in your life, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions that would be great in a gift basket.

The List of Deliciousness:

Gifts in a Jar


Gifts in a jar are a Christmas classic. They are a great way to share your tasty baked goods (or other homemade goodies) during the holidays. But no one wants to give a plain ol’ jar! So today I’m exploring different ways to dress up your jar! Since these jars are fairly small in size (as far as presents are concerned), it doesn’t take much to snazz them up! I just dug through my box of recycled wrapping supplies and used what I had.

Christmas Finger Puppets


I absolutely adore these. No, really, I do love them. LOVE! These would be great as a gift. You could make one or more of these cuties to accompany a storybook (great for kids!). Then you can turn story time at school or at home into an interactive play time. These can even be used to give gifts to friends or coworkers—slip one of these over a pen or a utensil, or a chocolate dipped spoon, perhaps. Pair it with cocoa mix (homemade or single-serve packets) and pretty mug, and you’ve made a memorable, edible, and lasting gift.


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Wintery Candle Holders


You can create many different gifts with just a few colors of paint and stencils. Turn jars into candle holders (oh yeah, bring on the thriftiness!) or you can buy candle holders. The dollar store always has several different types of glassware suitable for candles and other gifts. When shopping in-store, it gets harder to find the popular stuff the closer it gets to Christmas, so shop early! If you are planning on getting lots of glassware, you can even order in bulk online at and pick it up in the store. (Free shipping!) It’s a huge time saver—no more store hopping trying to find all the items you need, and you don’t have to wait for the cashier to wrap all the items at the register.

Gift Baskets: Spa & Relaxation

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Just thinking about a spa makes me think about peace, quiet, relaxation, and being pampered. REALLY pampered. I have never been to a spa, but I imagine what it must be like to be waited upon, lounging around in a lush white robe… Instead of sending all of our friends and family to the spa, we can give them some luxe gifts that will whisk them away from the everyday ho hum. My family absolutely loves these products, and I’m sure you will too!

Gift Baskets: Putting the Pieces Together


So, you’ve got all the stuff for your gift basket, but need some help putting it all together? No problem! I have listed some basic gift wrapping supplies, although you may decide if you would like to wrap with something other than cellophane (tulle, for example). Leave a comment if you have any questions about wrapping or for advice!

Gift Baskets: Cheese, Crackers & Gourmet

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Who loves gift baskets? Who loves giving gift baskets? Giving an assortment of goodies in a basket is a great way to present your gifts to a loved one. A collection of hand-picked items shows the recipient how much thought and care you poured into the gift. It can be difficult trying to select the items to go into a basket, but be at ease because we’ve picked out some good stuff for you! You’ll be able to whip your basket(s) together in no time and have time to spare!

Today’s installment of gift baskets is chock full of ideas for a tasty gourmet snack basket. We have tasted many of these items and assure you that they are a special treat! These are made with heart and soul by American artisans. In addition to giving your loved one premium fare, you can feel great about yourself knowing that you are helping support families and local economies.

The Grub:

No time to make? Here are some ready-made baskets:

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure here.


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