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Fa La La La… Layering


This week we are featuring several handmade card crafts, so be sure to check back daily for some unique ideas!

Today I’m making cards by layering different prints and types of paper. The textures, colors, and prints make the possibilities endless. I really like paper and stationery, so I feel conflicted when shopping for paper because I want them all! There are so many different types of Christmas themed paper—bright and whimsical, wintery blue tones, bright reds and greens, earthy reds and greens, and of course glittery paper. (What’s Christmas without a little (or a lot) of sparkle?!)

Paper Ornaments: Traditional Shapes


Happy Thanksgiving to our American visitors! With Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure we are all filled with much anticipation and excitement! What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to make ornaments? These ornaments are quick and easy, and they are a great activity to keep the kids busy. Cut different lengths of paper to create many different variations—I’ve included a few styles below. For even more fun, decorate these ornaments using glitter, stickers, or any other embellishments!

Easy Yarn Pompoms


These are an old favorite of mine! As a child, I used to obsessively trim the pompom in an attempt to make it a perfect sphere. As you might imagine, I never did make a perfect one. I recall trimming it so much that the pompom ended up about the size of a marble with a pile of yarn clippings on the table. Since then, I have learned to embrace being less than perfect and now appreciate the aesthetic of some wonky pompoms. :) Make your very own pompoms as part of your Christmas decor—you choose the color, the type of yarn, and the size. For more fun, try making multi-color poms with 2 or more colors of yarn.

Ring in the Holidays with a Christmas Banner


Banners have been around for ages, literally, since the good ol’ days with castles, princes, and princesses. Wait! There still are castles, princes, and princesses. Well, anyway… Now you can make your own holiday banner. This banner is classic red and green, but you can experiment with paper and choose colors that best suit your taste. If you’d like different words on your banner, print the letters from your computer (be sure to increase the size!) and cut out.

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