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Wrap It Up!


Let’s face it, every year when we wrap gifts, we want it to be quick and easy since there are so many to wrap. At the same time we want each present to feel special, or extra-special depending on recipient ;) Sure, you can buy ready-made bows and curled ribbon, but I’ll show you how to make some simple embellishments. You can even make these in advance so your stash is full when it comes time to wrap gifts.

Paper Bauble Garland

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These fun baubles make a cute garland, but are also pretty as a stand-alone ornament. This is a great activity if you have lots of hands to keep busy, as it expedites the process. I used the 1-inch circle punch for this, but you may use a larger one if you like. This will produce a garland that is about 48 inches long. You may space the baubles however you like—closer together or further apart.

Paper Bauble Ornaments


These fun baubles are cute as a stand-alone ornament and very pretty when strung together. Use a circle punch to make tree ornaments or use the printable template to make oversized ornaments to hang around the house! Try cutting smaller or larger circles to make different sizes. You can also add more circles to make it look fuller. Print out the template to create different shapes.


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Let’s Decorate Candles!


Doesn’t everyone love candles? They are warm, inviting, and make a space feel cozy. When shopping for candles, the fancier candles can get pricey, so why not make your own? You can have the satisfaction of making something yourself and, at the same time, of giving a unique handmade gift to a loved one. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and embellishing candles, so here are a few ideas.

Wintery Candle Holders


You can create many different gifts with just a few colors of paint and stencils. Turn jars into candle holders (oh yeah, bring on the thriftiness!) or you can buy candle holders. The dollar store always has several different types of glassware suitable for candles and other gifts. When shopping in-store, it gets harder to find the popular stuff the closer it gets to Christmas, so shop early! If you are planning on getting lots of glassware, you can even order in bulk online at and pick it up in the store. (Free shipping!) It’s a huge time saver—no more store hopping trying to find all the items you need, and you don’t have to wait for the cashier to wrap all the items at the register.

Simple Holiday Centerpieces

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Could these centerpieces be any simpler to make? All you need is a few pieces of paper, a few jars that have been lying around your house and some tape! Add any appliqué or a band of ribbon to break up strong lines or patterns on the paper sleeve. Cluster multiple jars of different heights. Swap out the paper for any holiday and wow your family and friends with your craftiness!


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For the Love of Christmas Trees


I just love trees. And while I like all trees, but there is something special about Christmas trees. A wintery landscape is simply breathtaking and the sight of tall evergreens freshly coated with snow is beautiful. I love to gaze and to take it all in… the branches gently drooping under the weight of the snow, the sunlight glistening over mounds of snow—the beauty of it amazes me. In regard for these beloved conifers, here are a series of ideas for Christmas cards.

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