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Multi-Faceted Ornament

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Love, love, love paper crafting! These icosahedrons are fun to make and super cute.  You can switch up the size of circles to make these cuties smaller or larger. Jumbo-size it and use them as ceiling decorations! Instead of buying new cardstock, try making these from old Christmas cards, gift bags or even gift boxes. When choosing paper, I recommend selecting 3 different colors/prints.


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A Holiday Pin Board

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This pin board is a great way to display Christmas cards, pictures, or anything you want. Embellish the top with silk flowers and greenery for a seasonal touch.

I found my foam while scrounging around the closet in the Elf Clubhouse, but you can use a variety of things to make yours. Large sheets of green foam can be found at the craft store. You could repurpose an old corkboard that you may have lying around the house. Sometimes you can find big blocks of foam inside boxes of large purchases [e.g., TV]. Or make one by stacking sheets of cardboard together.  Thrift stores are also great places to find materials for craft projects!

It is not ideal to hang boards made of foam, but they are very pretty when displayed on an easel, mantelpiece, or even propped upon a table.

Fa La La La… Layering


This week we are featuring several handmade card crafts, so be sure to check back daily for some unique ideas!

Today I’m making cards by layering different prints and types of paper. The textures, colors, and prints make the possibilities endless. I really like paper and stationery, so I feel conflicted when shopping for paper because I want them all! There are so many different types of Christmas themed paper—bright and whimsical, wintery blue tones, bright reds and greens, earthy reds and greens, and of course glittery paper. (What’s Christmas without a little (or a lot) of sparkle?!)

Festive Favor Cones


Use these fun favor cones as Christmas party favors for your guests. Each cone can hold a small gift, such as an ornament or edible goodies. Fill with chocolates, candy canes, popcorn, or jelly beans. These are also great for giving baked goodies to co-workers and friends. If using these to hold baked goods, place the goodies in a food safe bag prior to putting into the paper cone.


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