Gift Ideas for the Baker

As a child, I recall always yearning to help my mother in the kitchen. I’m sure my mom didn’t need my help, but it meant so much to me to be able to add the cups of sugar and flour into mixing bowl of her KitchenAid mixer. Over the years I have realized what a strong affinity I have towards all things that belong in a kitchen—gadgets, bowls, appliances, and did I mention gadgets? It all points back to those fond memories of baking with my mom. From one baker to another, here are some really neat tools to give the baker in your life.

  1. Get perfect cookies and pie crusts every time with the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin. Swap out the discs on the end to vary the thickness of the dough. It also has a measuring guide etched on the pin.

  2. Create professional-like cupcakes with the Cuisipro Cupcake Corer. It cuts a perfect hole in the center of cupcakes so they can be filled with icing.

  3. For consistently perfect, flat pie crusts, use Mrs. Anderson’s Ceramic Pie Weights.

  4. These MIU Silicone Baking Liners replace the need for parchment paper. From countertop to oven, these liners are one thing no baker should live without.

  5. The Pampered Chef Measure All Cup is something every baker needs in the kitchen. It is ideal for accurately measuring ingredients such as peanut butter, vegetable shortening, jam, etc. However, it can be used for any dry or liquid ingredients. I have two in my kitchen!

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