Carl’s Christmas

The words “Take good care of the baby, Carl”—practically the only words in Day’s books about the lovable rottweiler—trigger giggles of delight from readers of all ages. And though Carl’s Christmas has much in common with its predecessor, Carl Goes Shopping, the new book has charms all its own. Carl is imbued with enough “good will towards man” to warm a whole town, and on Christmas Eve he and his infant charge venture forth to spread holiday cheer. Carl donates a basket of goodies to the needy (the baby contributes his hat), then lends his “voice” to a group of carolers. Back at home, awakened by strange sounds, Carl investigates; his expression as he comes face-to-face with his first reindeer is priceless. While this may not be Carl’s most original adventure, it’s still a delight, bound to please the good dog’s old friends--and win him plenty of new ones. (Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

Pages: 32

Ages: 1–4 uses cookies.

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