Christmas Interpretations

Boyz II Men

There is a very good reason why the word “interpretations” is used in the title. Anyone looking for classic, standard, note-for-note renditions of their favorite Christmas songs will not find them here. That said, anyone looking for a unique and stylized collection of soulful holiday songs will not be disappointed—especially those who are Boyz II Men fans. The Boyz’s rich harmonies and soaring flights of vocal fancy are their sonic calling card, and they display their talents at every turn here. Their reverence for the holiday is particularly evident with their treatment of “Silent Night.” “Let It Snow,” “You’re Not Alone,” “Share Love,” and “Cold December” are also included. Why “A Joyous Song” is not already a Christmas classic is hard to say. Here’s one last warning: don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to listen to some of these songs long after the holiday season is over.

  • Silent Night (intro)
  • Let It Snow
  • Share Love
  • You're Not Alone
  • A Joyous Song
  • Why Christmas
  • Cold December Nights
  • Do They Know
  • Who Would Have Thought
  • Silent Night uses cookies.

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