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Gift Ideas for the Chef & Baker

We all know someone who makes magic happen in the kitchen. Whether they are an excellent baker or a fabulous chef, they truly enjoy preparing Christmas dinner and creating delicious desserts. If your loved ones are kitchen connoisseurs, here are a variety of gifts and gadgets to inspire their culinary side.

Cooking Gifts

A clever, practical gift for any chef is the Knife Sharpening Cutting Board.icon Whenever a knife is dull, simply flip the board up and use the sharpener located in the handle. Rubber feet ensure that the board doesn’t slip whether it’s lying flat or standing up.

The J.A. Henckels Mincing Set is excellent for chopping herbs and nuts, and perfect for those who are serious about cooking.

This unglazed Romertopf Clay Baker allows food to “breathe” while cooking—resulting in foods cooked to perfection.
This Maple Chipotle Grille Sauceicon is an award-winning sauce and one of Stonewall Kitchen’s top sellers. Use it to add sweet and savory flavors to meats or veggies.
Ever heard of cooking on a slab of salt? Use this Himalayan Salt Plankicon for cooking meats, veggies, or even bread. Alternatively, use it as a platter to serve a variety of cheeses.

Give this Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit to your chef friend, and they can make their own fresh mozzarella in 30 minutes.
This Cast Iron Garlic Roaster makes it easy to roast garlic in the oven or on the grill. This gadget is great for budding chefs or seasoned pros alike.

Use the Brieftons Spiral Slicer to make curly vegetable strands. Not only is the spiralizer a helpful tool when preparing healthy meals, but it also enables a chef to get creative with his food presentation.

This stainless steel Amco Rub Away Bar gets rid of unpleasant odors from hands. It’s perfect for the chef who works with garlic, onion, fish, or other smelly ingredients.

To avoid using aerosol sprays in the kitchen, fill the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer with any vegetable oil and pump to create a fine mist. It’s a must have item for your chef friends.
Give the Cheese BBQ Utensilicon to someone who has a soft spot for cheese. They can use it to melt or grill cheese to their liking!
Give the Better Batter Tool,icon and your loved one will be thrilled at how fluffy their pancakes turn out and how perfect their muffins become.
Chefs and foodies will love using this award-winning espresso rubicon to add flavor and tenderize meats, such as beef, pork, or chicken. It gives meats a crispy crust when roasted, plus it yields a smoky flavor.
Ingenious! This Cooking Guidelines Apronicon will leave you wondering why no one thought of this before! The handy reference charts are printed upside-down so they can easily be read while wearing the apron.

Baking Gifts

The OXO Good Grips 4-Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set is great for measuring liquids such as lemon juice or extracts. Keep measuring spoons dry for measuring baking powder and baking soda—genius! Plus, these nest together for compact storage.

The Zenker Layer Cake Slicing Kit simplifies making layer cakes. Need to slice a non-round cake? Check out this Cake Slicer/Leveler.

Meet the Pie Bird! Not only is it decorative (and a conversation starter), but it also releases steam from a baking pie to help prevent the juices from bubbling over.

With this Fluted Tart Pan, your loved one can remove a tart, pie, or quiche from the pan and display on a serving dish of their choice. Available in four sizes: 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch.

This Pie Crust Bag eliminates the hassle from rolling a pie crust.

Get perfect cookies and pie crusts every time with the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin. Swap out the discs on the end to vary the thickness of the dough. It also has a measuring guide etched on the pin.

Create professional-like cupcakes with the Cuisipro Cupcake Corer. It cuts a perfect hole in the center of cupcakes so they can be filled with icing, jam, and the like.

For consistently perfect, flat pie crusts, use Mrs. Anderson’s Ceramic Pie Weights..

These MIU Silicone Baking Liners replace the need for parchment paper. From countertop to oven, these liners are something no baker should live without.

The Pampered Chef Measure All Cup is something every baker needs in the kitchen. It is ideal for accurately measuring sticky or thick ingredients such as peanut butter, vegetable shortening, jam, etc. However, it can be used for any dry or liquid ingredients.
The recipient of this Customizable Cookie Stampicon can bake one-of-a-kind cookies for any occasion or holiday. There’s no end to the number of messages they can express with the interchangeable letters, symbols, and numbers.

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