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Gift Ideas for the Foodie

How do you define a foodie? Someone who loves to eat? Someone who loves to cook? Without a doubt, the foodie is a curator of the palate with a penchant for delicious fare. For your foodie friends, here are some gift ideas to inspire their inner culinarian.

Make infused dressings and dips with the ZingAnything Salad Zinger.

Use Organic Cedar Grilling Planks to add a natural smoke flavor when grilling meats.

Don’t eat the toast—it’s cork! These slices of bread are really Toast Coasters. Neat, huh?

The First American Cookbook is an exact reproduction of American Cookery, the first cookbook written by an American and printed in the USA. Your recipient will enjoy these colonial recipes.

For your friends who enjoy drinking whiskey or other beverages that are best chilled (but not watered down!), these sipping stones are a great gift.

If you have a friend who could eat sushi for every meal, they will love that they can now make perfectly round sushi with the Sushezi. (And hopefully they’ll invite you for dinner, too!)

The wide surface area of this white marble spice grinder allows for faster spice grinding and crushing.

These reusable Fork-Knife Chopsticks can be used either as a fork and knife, or as spring-loaded chopsticks.

Great for any food enthusiast, the Foodie Fight Game has over 1,000 questions of culinary trivia.

For your loved ones who are crazy for coffee, give them a Nespresso Aeroccino Plus. This fancy machine froths milk so they can top their favorite beverages with foam. Now the only problem they’ll have is trying to decide what to make next: a cappuccino, hot chocolate, or latte.
A Stackable Ice Tray Seticon is perfect for a cocktail connoisseur or anyone who loves to entertain. The various ice trays allow any mixologist to make ice cubes in a variety of sizes and shapes to complement their favorite beverage.
This simple, square carrier named Sac A Platicon—which means “flat bag” in French—is a stylish way to transport a homemade pie, a casserole, or even a pair of wine bottles.

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