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So your friends and family are really into playing games, but is everyone weary of Life and Uno? You’re in luck because these games are a blast! If you were scratching your head about what to give the gamer in your circle, gift them one of these and be at ease knowing you’ll be giving them a future family favorite.

Citadels is a beautifully illustrated card game that is fun for everyone ages 10 and up. In each round, each player will secretly choose a character whose powers you will use to build your city or destroy others. Whoever builds their city first wins.

7 Wonders is quite an addictive game. It’s full of strategy, while still fun and fast—it can be played in under an hour!

The Great Dalmuti is a fun game for adults and kids alike. The goal is to become the Great Dalmuti by being the first to get rid of your cards. This simple and fast paced game is always a hit at game nights.

The Settlers of Catan is a best seller in the US and Germany, and it’s easy to see why. This game is packed with adventure, settlements, and trade; your friends and family will love it!

Easy to learn and can be played under an hour, Ticket To Ride is perfect for a game night with family or friends. Have you traveled across the USA already? Then travel across Europe with Ticket To Ride – Europe.

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