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Arts & Crafts Gifts for Kids

Build, create, paint, preserve, and repeat. That’s what kids can do with these different craft projects and artsy activities. Watch out—you might want an extra one for yourself!

Teach your kids how to collect and press flowers to make lovely keepsakes with this Pressed Flower Art Kit. The kit includes a flower press, brush, glue, and double-sided tape.

Recommended age: 5–15 years

These sturdy wooden stencilsicon are perfect for young artists to trace and color lots of different shapes and animals. Includes 20 stencils, colored pencils, and storage box.

Recommended age: 4 years & up

Painting is fun, but painting with friends is even better. This Magnetic Tile Art kit comes with tiles, paint, magnets, and a paintbrush. Kids would love to put these on the fridge and school lockers.

Recommended age: 8–15 years

Kids will love watching the designs unfold as they draw with a Spirograph.

Recommended age: 8–15 years

The budding artist will enjoy a coloring book of modern patterns. Choose from optical patterns, botanical patterns, or circular patterns.

Recommended age: 6 years & up

Assembling this Build and Paint a Birdhouse is easy and requires no hardware. Once assembled, your child can paint his heart out!

Recommended age: 5–15 years

This Kaleidoscope Kit includes everything a child needs to make their own kaleidoscope. Plus, they can make the kaleidoscope over and over again with all the included embellishments: flowers, gemstones, and glass marbles.

Recommended age: 7–15 years

Girls’ crafty fashion alert! They’ll have fun making jewelry and other fashion accessories with this All Duct Out DIY Kit.

Recommended age: 7–12 years

Turn markers into an airbrush with this Crayola Marker Airbrush Set. Kids will have fun creating nifty designs with the provided stencils. Plus, no batteries needed!

Recommended age: 6–15 years

This Pot Holder Kit contains a loom and enough cotton loops to make six potholders.

Recommended age: 8–12 years

This Wooden Knitting Tower teaches youngsters the basics of knitting. The tower has 2 ends: one end has 6 pins for knitting a tight stitch, and the other end has 4 pins for knitting a stretchy stitch.

Recommended age: 5 years & up

Simple and classic. Kids can have fun decorating and racing these wooden Fast Car Race Cars.

Recommended age: 5 years & up

This Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit comes with everything a kid needs to create a home for fairies.

Recommended age: 7 years & up

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