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Toys for Kids

Still looking for some neat toys for the youngsters in your life? Browse the variety of gifts below, and you will find something fun for children of all ages.

Kids can play with this Magical Lights Palace Playset, which includes Elsa and Olaf figurines. With the push of a button, children can watch the castle light up and sparkle, similar to Elsa’s ice castle on The North Mountain in Frozen.

Recommended age: 3–10 years

Anyone who loves Despicable Me will be endeared to this talking action figure Listen to Dave the minion talk when you press his pocket or move his head.

Recommended age: 4–12 years

Girls will love to play with this Elsa doll, inspired by the popular movie Frozen. Just like in the film, Elsa is wearing a pretty blue gown with a sparkly sheer overcoat.

Recommended age: 3–8 years

Little ones can imagine they defending justice alongside Batman and Robin with this Imaginext Super Friends Batcave.

Recommended age: 3–8 years

Girls can enact their favorite scenes from Frozen with the Anna of Arendelle Doll.

Recommended age: 3–8 years

Give your kiddo the world’s cutest dog, Boo. He’s soft, cuddly, and irresistible!

Recommended age: 1 year & up

The TOMY Pokémon Battle Arena playset comes with one arena, three Pokémon figurines, 2 battle shields, and attack tags.

Recommended age: 4–6 years

Bloco Toys are made from high-density foam (the connectors are plastic), so they are safe, washable, and quiet during playtime.

Recommended age: 5–10 years

Your little princess can pretend to have Elsa’s magical powers with these motion-activated musical gloves. The gloves make a twinkling sound, as well as play the hit song “Let it Go” from Frozen. To complete the outfit, you can also get Elsa's tiara, musical snow wand, and Elsa's enchanting dress.

Recommended age: 3–6 years

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and attends Ever After High where she is the leader of the Royals.

Recommended age: 6–13 years

Have your youngsters ever wanted a pet monkey? Cuddles My Giggly Monkey is a toy pet that responds with giggles and sounds when you play with it.

Recommended age: 4 years & up

This Dusty Crophopper Planeicon is no ordinary toy plane. Your child can move the wings of the plane with the 2 remote controllers (one per wing). Dusty also says phrases and makes sounds for an even more fun adventure.

Recommended age: 3 years & up

This cookware set will be a great addition to any child’s play kitchen. It contains 11 pieces, which includes 2 pans, 1 pot and lid, a ladle, a spatula, and some play food.

Recommended age: 3–7 years

These HABA Biofino ice cream cones would be a fun addition to a child’s toy box. The scoops of ice cream are reversible, so you can mix up the “flavors.”

Recommended age: 3 years & up

The B. Critter Clinic includes a hospital, 5 vet tools, keys (color coded to open doors), and 2 plush animals.

Recommended age: 2 years & up

The 1001 Nights Wooden Block Seticon comes with 54 brightly colored blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Handmade in Germany, these architectural shaped blocks will encourage your child’s creativity.

Recommended age: 3 years & up

This three pack of Yomega Yo-yos is a great gift for any yo-yo enthusiast. Who knows, maybe your child will be a professional yo-yo-er one day!

Recommended age: 8 years & up

LEGO minifigures are great little stocking stuffers! The LEGO Pilot Minifigure is shown here, but there are 16 different figures to collect from the LEGO Minifigures Series 3 (such as mummy, baseball player, rapper, space alien, and more).

Recommended age: 5 years & up

Meet Zoomer. He’s a robot dog who can bark & play and loves to do tricks just like a real dog. He’s a smart puppy, too! He understands English, as well as French and Spanish.

Recommended age: 5–10 years

Any wee child would have fun playing with this big plush race car. The wheels are removable so kiddos can imagine they are changing tires just like teams do in the pit during a Grand Prix. Plus, the steering wheel rotates, and there’s a small storage trunk in the back!

Recommended age: 18 months & up

The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter is the perfect gift for any kid who asked Santa for a set of wheels this Christmas. Comes in multiple colors!

Recommended age: 13 years & up

Feed, speak to, and play with Furby. It has a mind of its own, and its personality is formed by how it is treated.

Recommended age: 6 years & up

Big Hugs Elmo is interactive! He gives hugs, sings songs, and even gets sleepy when you lay him down.

Recommended age: 14 months–4 years

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