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Gift Ideas for the Star Wars Fan

Surely you don’t need much help determining whether or not your friends are Star Wars fans, but here are a few clues: your friend or their children have renamed everyone in their family after a Star Wars character; their bedtime story is Darth Vader and Son instead of Goodnight Moon; or they re-enact the epic fight between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Keep reading to view gift ideas for your intergalactic friends.

Unlike Darth Vader’s ominous voice, this Darth Vader humidifier is as quiet as a whisper, so it’s a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan who needs to add moisture to the air in their home to alleviate congestion and sore throats.
Friends and family will get a kick out of this R2-D2 pizza wheel when they realize that it “talks.” After hearing the robotic beeps and boops it makes when pushed down, everyone will want a turn cutting the pizza.
Perfect for a young padawan’s playtime, this stormtrooper helmet opens up to reveal a desert-like landscape and includes microfigure Poe Dameron and a vehicle.
Whether your kids want to reenact battles from the movie or your friends want to build their collections, this Tie Fighter and Millennium Falcon Set is sure to please all Star Wars fans.
Star Wars fans of all ages will be entertained with BB-8. This droid is enabled by an app and responds to voice commands. The recipient can even view holographic simulations such as the Resistance Cruiser! For more fun, set BB-8 near R2D2 and watch them interact with each other!
By donning these dapper Darth Vader cufflinks, your man will be dressed to a T (or D, for Darth) for his next business meeting. Instead of a common pivot clip, these cufflinks have studs embossed with the Imperial Symbol. Arrives in a handsome black box.
These acrylic pins are a fun way for your friends to show whether they support the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Give them one or more to pin on their bag, purse, or jacket.
Get this Star Wars Droids beach towel for your friends, and they will use it often—whether by the pool or on the Gold Beaches of Corellia.
These laser cut Millennium Falcon earrings show the natural beauty of the maple wood, and at only 0.4" tall, they’re a subtle way for your friend to display her love of Star Wars.