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Gift Ideas for the Superhero Fan

Superhero fans have the ability to exist across time and space. Time: Anyone can be a superhero fan—from little squirts to seasoned comic book buffs. Space: Your friends can debate Marvel vs. DC no matter where they live. For the superhero fanatics in your life, check out these gift ideas.

Put some pep in your friend’s step with these Superhero Knee High Cape Socks. Choose from Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman socks.

Keep an eye on the time with this Superman Pocket Watch.
Power up! The recipient of this Brass Superhero Cufficon can wear it on days when she wants to channel her inner champion.

Carry digital cargo to/from home, work, or school with this 8GB Iron Man Flash Drive.
Any of your friends who adore superheroes would love to add this Hand Crocheted Superhero Haticon to their winter wardrobe. With this cap they can keep warm as they fight for justice even in the midst of a snowball fight!

These Marvel Superheros Thumb Wrestlers are great for kids (or adults) who like to thumb wrestle. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

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