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Gift Ideas for the Teacher

Ever wonder what gift to buy for a teacher besides a mug or magnet? Give something that will make them smile, laugh, and know that their hard work is appreciated. Whether you’re looking for a present that is practical or fun, take a peek at these educator-inspired gifts.

Designed to look like ruled paper, these adorable towels are perfect for any elementary school teacher! Give a set of a, b, c towels or personalize one with your teacher’s monogram.
Perfect for any English teacher’s classroom, this hyperbole print is an amusing poster that will remind students of the absolute best literary term in the whole entire universe.
Give a personalized chunky wooden crayon to your child’s favorite teacher(s). Made from sustainably harvested wood, which the artist acquires herself from local hazel trees, the crayon is filled with your choice of colored wax.
This funny book is chock-full of silly (and real!) answers to test questions. It will definitely make teachers laugh, and perhaps remind them of a few ridiculous test answers they’ve seen over the years.
This double helix DNA necktie will add some interest to a science teacher’s wardrobe. Available in a variety of colors, such as silver on dark teal, black on oyster, and silver on French blue.
Your kid’s teacher will look quite sharp every time they were these No. 2 Pencil Socks. The toe and heel look like pencil lead while the cuff looks like an eraser.
The Scratch Map would be an excellent gift for a geography teacher or a homeschooling parent. When hung in a classroom, students can scratch off the countries they’ve studied throughout the school year.
The Apple Scroll Personalized Tote Bag is made from sturdy canvas, making it ideal for carrying all the essentials to and from school.
Apple A Day Stickers are perfect for the teacher who has a lot of books to keep track of!
The Teacher Box is filled with 30 wooden coins that have an activity printed on each side for a total of 60 activities. Whenever a teacher has a few minutes they need to fill, their students can select a coin from the box and do the chosen activity, such as playing hangman, guessing when a minute (or two) has gone by, and so much more! The box above is for 3rd–8th graders; click here for a pre K–2nd grade Teacher Box.