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Gift Ideas for the Traveler

There are many aspects of traveling that one might find enjoyable: the release of responsibility, the down time while waiting for the plane or train, the anticipation of the destination, or being immersed in a different culture to experience new things. Wherever the traveler’s voyages take her, give her a keepsake, a memento, or something she can take on her journey.

Artist Renée Leone creates watercolor paintings inspired from her travels. Pictured here is her piece of the Brooklyn Bridge, but be sure to check out the other amazing works in her travel series.
Is there a special place or city that has captivated the heart of your friend? This Latitude Longitude Pendant is hand-forged with the coordinates of that special place.
Wish your friend a heartfelt farewell on their travels when you give them this Luxury Personalized Travel Journal. Pocket-sized and lightweight, this Moleskine is just the right size for tossing into a travel bag.
The charming designs on these City Dish Towels feature landmarks and iconic places, capturing the essence of various cities. They’re so beautiful the recipient may want to put them on display rather than use them!
A symbol of adventure and direction, this handmade compass necklace is a unique gift.
Your wayfaring friend can express their love of traveling wherever they go with this Wanderlust Car Window Decal. With countless colors to choose from, you’ll be able to pick the perfect color for your pal.
This travel journal is perfect for jotting down one’s thoughts and observations while on vacation. The recipient of this journal can use the prompts inside to help plan and document their journey. Then, further down the road, they can relive the highlights of their trip when they read through this memory trove.
With 23 pockets, the SCOTTeVEST Tech Jacket is the ultimate carry-all for mobile devices, passports, cameras, and other travel essentials. This jacket features not only a full-size iPad pocket, but also an eyeglass pocket, RFID-blocking wallet pocket, earbud management system, and more. Available for women and for men.
Get wrapped up in a picture perfect New York City nightscape with this Manhattan at Night Scarf. The image on this silk modal scarf was taken from the top of Rockefeller Center by photographer Manny Sanchez.