More than two dozen original, creative stories are found throughout Santa’s Secret Village. Many stories convey a theme or cheerfully teach a lesson—while entertaining and improving reading skills. All are richly illustrated with original, hand-drawn and painted artwork.

Stories to Read and Color – All 12 stories in Santa’s Workshop are fully illustrated like all stories, but these also have black and white versions of the illustrations that can be printed out for children to color.

These stories include:

Hidden Stories – Children will enjoy finding the 10 ‘hidden’ stories from easy clues or by sliding the mouse over the screen.

Hidden Stories in the Reindeer Barn

Hidden Stories in Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen

Hidden Stories in Santa’s Workshop

Hidden Stories in Santa’s Den

Personalized Stories – Children can personalize 3 different stories—each with themselves as the star! To create a personalized story, children just answer a few short questions and with the click of a mouse they have a story about themselves to read, print, and keep. These stories are in Santa’s Den: uses cookies.

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