Christmas Clothespins

I love the simplicity of this craft—all you need is glue, paper, and clothespins! They are cute with just the paper, and even cuter when you add tiny appliqués. Make several for yourself, or give them away as gifts.

Supplies & Tools:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Pencil
  • Tacky glue
  • Water
  • Small bowl for mixing glue & water
  • Foam brush
  • Clothes pins
  • Scissors
  • Self-adhesive magnet


  1. Trace an outline of the clothespin on the unprinted side of the paper.
  2. Cut out the outline.
  3. Set scissors and excess paper aside.
  4. In the small bowl, mix equal parts glue and water (about 1 teaspoon each).
  5. Using foam brush, apply the glue/water solution onto the top face of the clothespin.
  6. Next, apply the glue/water solution to the unprinted side of the paper.
  7. Press the unprinted side of paper down to the top face of the clothespin. Press firmly in place.
  8. Apply a coat of the glue/water solution on top of the paper/clothespin.
  9. Let dry.
  10. Once the clothespin is dry, press the magnet onto the back side of clothespin.
  11. Add a small embellishment, such as a flower, or other cutout.
  12. Use glue to apply the flower.


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6 comments on “Christmas Clothespins

  • nevaeh said:

    they are adorable

  • alex said:


  • Kailey said:

    this would be so much fun to do over christmas break!

  • Mudhooks said:

    You could put double-sided tape on the back and use them to hang Christmas cards on the wall…

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Ooo, that’s a good idea, too!

  • Eva said:


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