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Kids just want to have fun! This selection of games is primarily for little ones around preschool to elementary age, although they appeal equally to the young at heart. (I fall into that category! ;) ) While most of these are modern games, I threw in an ol’ throwback for fun.

  1. Fun for the whole family, Zingo is a fast paced spin of the game, Bingo.

  2. Hisss is a great game for preschoolers. I rather enjoy it myself when playing it with my friend’s daughter.

  3. Made in the USA, these Old Fashioned Pewter Jacks are made of lead-free pewter. It includes the history of the game, a rubber bouncy ball, and a wooden ball to resemble the non-bouncing ball used in the traditional game.

  4. Spot It is for kids and the young at heart! My dear friend’s daughter (4 years old) loves to play this game.

  5. A cute game for the little princess(es) in your life, Sleeping Queens helps develop memory and strategy as you try to awaken the most queens.

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