Gift Ideas for Babies

Adorable. In a word, babies are adorable. And deliciously cute. Their sweet coos and baby babble are heartwarming. Their silky smooth skin, chunky thighs and pudgy arms are simply irresistible. So what do you get these precious bundles of joy for Christmas? Clothes are always practical and safe standbys, but why not get them something extraordinary?

  1. With the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, your friends can keep an extra eye on their baby (or their house) anywhere with their iPhone. They can even talk through it so baby can hear them.

  2. If your pals are sure that their baby will be the next Einstein, give them this Pythagorean Theorem Swaddling Blanket so they can swaddle their baby with a math theory. Perhaps knowledge will sink into via osmosis and give baby a head start in math class!

  3. The Baby Bunch bouquet beautifully presents baby clothes rolled up to look like flowers! It also comes in a blue or yellow bouquet.

  4. Fun and colorful, this Lawn Countertop Drying Rack holds all those small baby items. Its simple, two-piece design makes it easy to clean.

  5. These Baby Food Freezer Trays make it so easy to make and freeze food in baby-sized quantities. (Good for freezing milk, too!)

  6. All I can say is that this is so stinkin’ adorable! Give this matching Waah & Woof Babysuit and Dog Suit Set for your dog and baby—I love it!

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