Gift Ideas for Kids: Ages 10–14

So you’re looking for gifts for some preteens and tweens, are ya? Keep on reading. Need a fun, educational toy? How about some crafts/projects to inspire creativity? We’ve got some gift ideas for you! Check them out below.

  1. Does your little girl dream of designing her own clothing line? This House of Fashion Design Studio comes with just about everything an aspiring designer needs: a sketchbook, light tablet, pencils, markers, traceable silhouettes, and more!

  2. Painting is fun, but painting with friends is even better. This Magnetic Tile Art kit comes with tiles, paint, magnets, and a paintbrush. I bet kids would love to put these on the fridge and school lockers!

  3. Perhaps kiddos this age might think they’ve outgrown a nightlight, but who could resist this oversized Gummy Bear Night Light? It’s portable so kids can take it when they travel to grandmother’s house or a friend’s sleepover party. Pssst! Don’t like blue? It also comes in pink, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and clear.

  4. This Freight Runner Electric Train Set is chock full of tracks, train cars, cars, sign posts, cars, people, cows, fences and more!

  5. This three pack of Yomega Yo-yos is a great gift for any yo-yo enthusiast. Who knows, maybe your little tween will be a professional yo-yo-er one day!

  6. Eager minds will enjoy exploring science with a Water Rocket Kit. They might have so much fun, they won’t realize they are learning science at the same time. Keep in mind that you’ll need a bicycle pump (not included in the kit) in order to use the rocket.

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One comment on “Gift Ideas for Kids: Ages 10–14

  • Christina said:

    I think that the gummy bear light is really cool. It is cute for a kid.

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