Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids, kids, kids. So cute and so full of energy. I love their expressions, the funny things they say, and just observing how they perceive the world. One thing that I love about children and childhood in general is play—it’s all about having fun! I’ve picked out a few things for a range of ages. Enjoy!

  1. Transform a child’s bedroom into an enchanted forest with twinkling Fireflies In My Room! Control the lights via remote control.

  2. Roll the dice and let the imagination run wild! Rory’s Story Cubes is a game that enhances kids’ thinking skills through imaginative play.

  3. Free of chemical dyes and other additives, these natural soy crayons are made in the USA.

  4. Color My Bath bath tablets makes bath time fun and educational for the kiddos!

  5. Bring the lunar cycle to your child’s bedroom with Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room. Use the remote control to control the moon’s phases or allow it to automatically progress through its cycle.

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