Gift Ideas for the Geek

What do you think of when you think about geeks or techies? Besides thinking of my friends, I think about Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, or anything that makes me think of some smart, space-age defenders who fight evil, usually to save the universe. So what do you give your beloved geeks this holiday? Things that will help them save the universe, naturally!

  1. Know someone who keeps losing their USB adaptors? This is just the ticket! With this USB Wall Outlet, plug all USB devices directly to the wall. (Superhero factor: recharge your batteries like no one else!)

  2. I think loving all things Star Wars might be a requirement for labeling oneself as a geek. In addition to making ice cubes, this Star Wars R2D2 Silicone Tray can be used to mold chocolates. Yum! (Superhero factor: It’s R2D2! What else do I need to say?)

  3. Give these handmade, sterling silver, Math Symbol Cufflinks to the Einstein in your life so they can proudly wear their love of geekiness—in style. (Superhero factor: Imagine these cufflinks give you super-human insight into difficult problems.)

  4. This color-changing LED Faucet Light is green when the water is cold and changes to red when the water is hot. (Superhero factor: Wash hands in the dark!)

  5. Amusing to mathematicians and geeks alike, this Pi Shower Curtain displays 4,600 (non-repeating) digits of pi. (Superhero factor: Wear it as a cape!)

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