Gift Ideas for the Super Hero Fan

Super Hero fans have the ability to exist across time and space. Time: anyone can be a super hero fan—from little squirts to old folks seasoned comic book buffs. Space: you can be a super hero no matter where you live. Wherever and whenever your loved ones decide to use their super powers, they’ll need some gear just like the originals.

  1. Carry your digital cargo to/from home, work, or school with this 8GB Iron Man Flash Drive.

  2. Keep an eye on the time with this Superman Pocket Watch.

  3. What does a super hero wear during the day in his “normal” guise? Cufflinks that reflect his true identity. Available styles: Batman, Superman, Transformers, and more.

  4. Every super hero needs a plan of action. They can use this set of two Marvel Retro® Personalized Notebooksicon to write out how to defeat bad guys. Or, use them to defeat math problems at school. ;)

  5. Put some pep in your step with these Superhero Knee High Cape Socks. Choose from Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman socks.

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    I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday!
    I love your picture.

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