More Gift Ideas for the DIYer

DIY is a broad term that has come to include home repairs, arts and crafts, as well as fashion. If you’re looking for gift ideas for crafters, go ahead and check out this post. Today’s selection focuses more on gifts for the handyman (or woman) who fixes things around the home.

  1. Don’t be mistaken—this tool is actually a saw pizza cutter! It’s a great gift for a carpenter or someone who works with wood.

  2. A funny and literal interpretation of a nail brush, this scrubbericon will bring humor whenever it is used.

  3. Although this multifunction sharpener is lightweight and compact, it doesn’t skimp on performance.

  4. This pocket screwdriver is a handy tool for daily use. It has two double-tipped screwdriver bits.

  5. For the handy person in your life who uses Duct Tape to fix anything, give them a Duct Tape mug or a Duct Tape Necktie.

  6. These cut resistant gloves are great for someone who handles glass, carves wood, or works in other trades where their hands need to be protected.

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