More Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Ever wonder what dogs do when you are not home? My father’s dogs must be experts in acrobatics, because they somehow reach treats that are located on the top of the refrigerator! If you or someone you know has dogs, you are no stranger to their mischievousness. Despite the occasional shenanigans of those playful pups, we love them all the more. For the cynophile in your life, here are some gift ideas for them and their furry, four-legged babies.

  1. These Kissing Scottish Terriers are actually magnetic salt and pepper shakers. So whenever you sprinkle seasoning on your food, you’ll also get your daily dose of über cuteness.

  2. So this is how my dog is able to reach things up high! ;) This print, “Busted” by artist Howard Berman,icon will liven up your home or office.

  3. Oh, these are simply adorable! These hand knit dog ornamentsicon are available in several different breeds: dachshund, black lab, Boston terrier, basset hound, poodle, and more!

  4. The Soggy Doggy Doormat is absorbent, soaking up moisture and dirt from your dog’s feet. The microfiber material is soft, which means Fido will enjoy sleeping on it—whether that means in his crate, in the car, or at home. I bet it would even be good to use after Fido’s bath.

  5. This made me chuckle inside. Maybe a Snuggie for Dogs is just what your furry child is hoping to find under the tree this year. It is also available in blue.

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One comment on “More Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

  • Jessica said:

    I really love dogs and this has given me ideas.

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