More Gift Ideas for the Geek

When I think of geeks, I think about brainy smarts, rockin’ glasses, and wild hairdos. How about you? One of my friends doesn’t have a crazy hairdo or glasses, but is really smart—he can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes! For your friends who are math wizards, science geeks, and appreciators of techie things, here are some gift ideas.

  1. Geeks will be able to solve the math problems on this Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock in no time.

  2. Filled with iron-based particles, this Super Magnetic Puttyicon is just that—super magnetic. When placed near the magnet (included) the putty will slowly stretch and engulf the magnet. When you click the link above, be sure to check out the video of the putty in action!

  3. Put those geeky, puzzle skills to the test with a Hanayama Enigma Puzzle.

  4. Remember computers from the 1990s? Your friends who are computer nerds will get a kick out of these Floppy Disc Sticky Notes.

  5. This Periodic Table bow tie is a great gift for scientists and nerds. Made from 100% silk.

  6. Hold the phone! This pair of Bluetooth glovesicon is a pretty cool way to talk on the phone in cold weather. Now you can talk on the phone and keep your fingers warm, too!

Looking for more gift ideas for the geek in your life? Click here.

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