Gift Ideas for the Crafty Kid

Kids’ minds are like little sponges. They soak up any information, knowledge, whatever is around them. I suppose that’s why they tend to ask “Why?” Since their minds are busy and eager to learn, encourage their inquisitive spirit with gifts that will stimulate their noggin. These are also great crafts to have on hand for rainy days.

  1. Kids can create their own sun prints with Original Nature Print Paper. It’s a fun activity that can be done indoors.

  2. Turn markers into an airbrush with this Crayola Marker Airbrush Set; kids will have fun creating nifty designs with the provided stencils. Plus, no batteries needed!

  3. Bloco Toys are made from high-density foam (the connectors are plastic), so they are safe, washable, and quiet during play time.

  4. This Pot Holder Kit contains a loom and enough cotton loops to make six potholders.

  5. Origami is an age-old activity for kids. Now they can fold Star Wars “figurines” with this book of Star Wars origami projects!

  6. This Wooden Knitting Tower teaches youngsters the basics of knitting. The tower has 2 ends: one end has 6 pins for knitting a tight stitch, and the other end has 4 pins for knitting a stretchy stitch.

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