Gift Ideas for the Foodie

Do you know someone who loves food? I love talking about food, looking at food, smelling food, trying new food, and of course, eating!! Whether you’re looking to find that perfect gift for your friend who is a foodie expert or a foodie newbie, here is something for everyone.

  1. Ever want to chill a beverage, but don’t want it to get watered down with ice? These sipping stones are the solution!

  2. Does your friend love sushi more than life itself? Even if your friend’s love for sushi isn’t that extreme, they will still love that they can make perfectly round sushi with the Sushezi. (And hopefully invite you for dinner, too!)

  3. The wide surface area of this white marble spice grinder allows for faster spice grinding and crushing.

  4. These reusable Fork-Knife Chopsticks can be used either as a fork and knife, or as spring-loaded chopsticks!

  5. Cook multiple dishes at once in this Steam Tower comprised of stylish, stackable, ceramic bowls. They are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

  6. Great for any food enthusiast, the Foodie Fight Game has over 1,000 questions of culinary trivia.

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