Gift Ideas for the Gardener

I tried my hand at gardening this past summer and didn’t have much success. However I hold great admiration for those who have a green thumb and are prolific gardeners. For the beginners or the experts in cultivating the earth, here’s something for everyone.

  1. No watering required! The Salad Plant is beautiful when not in use, and is functional too!

  2. Send a Postcarden post card; the recipient can water it, watch it grow, and eat it!

  3. The Garden Bon Bon Set is the most beautiful way to give seeds. Simply ingenious. Choose from either a tea selection or an Italian herb selection (or get both!)

  4. Adorable and cute, the gardener in your life doesn’t need to sacrifice style when pulling weeds and tilling the earth with this Blooming Garden Apron.

  5. This cute little Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl and Wooden Utensils Set will peak the interest of your green-fingered friend.

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2 comments on “Gift Ideas for the Gardener

  • Gillian said:

    Love this list! Can I add another idea? You could also plant a virtual flower (starting at $5) for charity for a garden lover without a garden or yard or who has everything garden-related already. See the adorable Sienna’s Flower Garden site ( And you’ll be planting the best kind of flower – one filled with love, support and hope!

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Thanks for the additional idea, Gillian!

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