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Gift Ideas for Men

When looking for a present for your dad, husband, uncle, or brother, it can be a challenge trying to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. Whether your fellas like practical gifts or hobby-related items, they’ll be pleased with any of the items below.

The gentleman in your life can condition and style his beard with this Beard Pack.icon It includes whisker wash, beard oil, and moustache wax.

If your dad or husband needs (or wants) a new razor this year, give a Norelco Electric Razor.

Don’t be mistaken—this tool is actually a saw pizza cutter! It’s a great gift for a carpenter or anyone who likes tinkering with wood.
Perfect for any gentleman in your life, the Hair & Body Wash Elixir Blackicon by C.O. Bigelow produces a rich lather and yields a musky, masculine aroma.

Although this multifunction sharpener is lightweight and compact, it doesn’t skimp on performance.

This pocket screwdriver is a handy tool for daily use. It has two double-tipped screwdriver bits.

For the handy person in your life who uses Duct Tape to fix anything, give them a Duct Tape mug or a Duct Tape Necktie.

These cut resistant gloves are great for anyone who handles glass, carves wood, or works in other trades where their hands need to be protected.

Give the Mr. Fix It in your life this Ducti Classic Bifold Wallet made from everyone’s favorite super, fix-all material, Duct Tape.

Improve almost anything with SUGRU Hacking Putty. It sticks to most materials and is great for fixing, enhancing, and customizing your stuff.
This Double Your Money Clipicon is engraved with some cheeky words of wisdom.
My Cordless Tools Mug colorfully displays cordless tools in their original form. It’s sure to get a laugh from anyone.

It’s important to wear protective gear when working with certain tools, so help keep your loved one safe by gifting these anti-fog safety goggles by DeWalt.

If a man in your life enjoys woodworking, give the gift of inspiration with a book or a magazine subscription such as Popular Woodworking Magazine. For someone new to the hobby, they may like a book filled with the basics, such as Woodworking Basics or Measure Twice, Cut Once.

The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband holds nails, screws, and small tools, freeing up a hand while working on DIY projects.
Pit Protectorsicon are a practical gift for the gentleman in your life. These underarm guards protect a chap’s shirt from wetness, odors, and permanent stains. Even if your guy isn’t normally excessively sweaty, these protectors may come in handy for special occasions and important events.

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