Penguin Slip & Slide

This adorable penguin is so cute and chubby! He just makes me so happy. He’s round and sliding downhill so fast that he’s about to lose his hat! Spread some winter cheer with this fun & whimsical card.

Supplies & Tools:

  • Decorative cardstock
  • Construction paper: black, white orange
  • Mini wiggly eyes
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scrap of red felt
  • Scrap of white felt
  • Large circle punch (1.5″)
  • Medium circle punch (1″)
  • Rubber cement
  • Foam stamp that says “Merry Christmas”
  • Blue paint
  • Foam brush
  • Glitter glue
  • Mini hot glue gun
  • Mini hot glue sticks


  1. Measure and cut a 4″ x 12″ piece of cardstock. (I cut a different shape because I wanted to use the print of the cardstock as a background for the penguin.)
  2. Fold cardstock in half, forming a 4″ x 6″ card.
  3. Using the large circle punch, cut two 1.5″ circles out of black paper.
  4. Using the medium circle punch, cut a 1″ circle out of white paper.
  5. Cut a tiny triangle out of orange paper for the penguin’s nose.
  6. Take one black circle and cut 2 wings. Discard excess paper.
  7. Using rubber cement, glue white circle on the other black circle.
  8. Glue wings to the back of the black circle.
  9. Glue wiggly eyes and nose in place.
  10. Cut a small triangle out of red felt.
  11. Cut a tiny circle and an oval out of white felt (for the hat trim).
  12. Use hot glue to glue the hat pieces together.
  13. Use rubber cement to glue penguin to the card.
  14. Use hot glue to glue the hat to the card.
  15. Apply paint to foam stamp using a foam brush. Press stamp onto card.
  16. After paint dries, apply glitter glue to foam stamp. Carefully position directly above the stamped paint, and press stamp onto card.
    Note: I tried (several times) to create the words with glue and glitter, but the glitter kept flaking off. By stamping the design with paint first, followed with glitter glue, you have a pretty design that will not smudge.

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6 comments on “Penguin Slip & Slide

  • Casey britt said:

    I love that little peinguin and christmas. i’d hate to be on the naughty list.

  • nicole said:

    cute :)

  • Grace said:

    SO cute- he’s not chubby, he’s just got some extra fluff ;)

  • cassie said:

    i love it. it’s so cute.

  • Alexis Nicole said:

    I love it !!

  • tati said:

    I love it. the peinguin is so fluffy! And there are a lot of steps!

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