Craft Cottage - Simple Poinsettia Appliqué

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Less than 1 hour




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Simple Poinsettia Appliqué

This festive little Christmas flower is a great addition to anything that needs pizzazz. We used it to spruce up a candle here, but this poinsettia can easily go on a headband, a barrette, a brooch, a gift… even hang it on your Christmas tree!

Supplies & Tools:


  1. Print the template and cut out pattern pieces.
  2. Using straight pins, pin template pieces #1 and #2 to the red felt.
  3. Cut out the poinsettia pieces and remove the pins.
  4. Pin template piece #3 to the green felt and cut out. Remove pins.
  5. Set aside pins and pattern pieces.
  6. Position piece #2 on top of #3. Slightly lift #2 and apply a dot of hot glue on #3.
  7. Press #2 down to glue in place. Be careful not to burn your finger as the glue is very hot.
  8. Place #1 on top of #2. Slightly lift #1 to apply glue to #2. Press #1 down to glue in place.
  9. Place flower on top of newspaper.
  10. Using Tacky glue put 3 small drops of glue in the center of the flower.
  11. Sprinkle with gold glitter.
  12. Shake off excess glitter and return to container.
  13. Let dry.