Here are some questions we’ve received about Santa!
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  1. What if there is no chimney?

    If a house does not have a chimney, then Santa uses some of his magic dust to make a chimney appear. Then the chimney disappears as soon as Santa leaves.

  2. What if we move?

    Santa knows how to find all children on Christmas Eve.

  3. What if there is no snow?

    A lot of places do not have snow at Christmas time; it doesn’t keep Santa from coming.

  4. How will Santa find me if we are visiting and not at our home on Christmas Eve?

    Santa knows how to find all children on Christmas Eve.

  5. How do the reindeer fly?

    They eat special corn that makes them fly.

  6. How does Santa understand all the different languages of the world?

    Some call it magic, others just think Santa is very, very smart.

  7. What’s Santa’s favorite food?

    Santa’s most favorite is cookies, but he’ll eat just about anything that you like and that you leave for him on Christmas Eve.

  8. Is there any food Santa doesn’t eat?

    Santa won’t eat venison (reindeer) burgers.

  9. How much does Santa weigh?

    A little more than he should, but he stays healthy with all his exercise.

  10. What are the elves’ jobs?

    They make toys, care for the reindeer, wrap presents, help in the kitchen, clean—they all work together to make the Northpole a clean and comfortable place to live.

  11. What is Santa’s favorite Christmas Eve snack?

    He does love cookies, but if you leave something for him that YOU like, he will like it just because you do.

  12. How does Santa visit the whole world in one night?

    The time zones help, but so do the reindeer and Santa’s special magic.

  13. How does Santa get all the toys into the sleigh at one time?

    Actually, his red toy sack is magical in that it is bottomless and continues to stay full until Santa has made all his deliveries to all the children around the world.

  14. How does Santa get up and down my chimney?

    He holds the left side of his nose and shrinks to the size of the chimney—then, holds right side of his nose to expand back to his rather large size.

  15. What if there is a fire burning in the fireplace?

    He’ll put the fire out so he can come down safely and will relight it when leaving your house.

  16. Does Santa have any children?

    Yes, Santa considers all the children in the world part of his family.

  17. Will Santa always bring what I ask for?

    Sometimes Santa thinks that what you ask for may not be the best gift for you, so he may give you something you will enjoy better.

  18. Where does Santa get his red suit?

    Mrs. Claus sews it for him.

  19. Does bad weather make it hard for Santa to drive his sleigh?

    Santa uses his North Pole Frosty-Weather-Reader-Meter, so he is always prepared, even for the worst of storms.

  20. Does Santa have any hobbies?

    His most favorite hobby is playing games of any sort—plus he likes trying out all the new toys.

  21. Why is Santa’s suit red?

    So he won’t get lost in the snow.

  22. Is there really a Santa Claus?

    Santa Claus is real to the people who believe he is real.

  23. How did the reindeer get their names?

    Santa named them, with help from the elves

  24. Why does Santa live at the Northpole?

    It is isolated, so he won’t be disturbed while making his toys.

  25. Is Santa ever sad?

    He gets sad when good boys and girls behave badly.

  26. Which is Santa’s favorite elf?

    Santa loves all the elves equally; they’re like his children!

  27. How many elves are there?

    There are an unlimited number of elves because it takes a lot of help to keep the northpole maintained and the presents made every year.

  28. What is Santa’s favorite kind of music?

    He is very partial to Christmas music.

  29. What kind of treats do the reindeer like?

    They like to eat carrots and sugar cubes.

  30. Does Santa really read the letters he gets?

    Yes, each and every one. uses cookies.

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