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Gift Ideas for the Beach Bum

There are many things that are so peaceful about the beach: the rhythmic sound of the waves advancing on the shore and retreating back to the ocean; the foam of the sea water; watching little clams burrow into the sand after the waves exposed them; crabs or starfish if you’re lucky enough to see them. Regardless of what part of the beach interests your loved one, here are some ocean-inspired gift suggestions.

Your friend can display their love for life in the oceans’ depths with this adorable crocheted coral reef brooch. Available as a wall sculpture in red or blue and purple.
Made from recycled sterling silver, these beautiful jellyfish earrings are hand cast and accented with apatite stones.
Ideal for any marine animal lover, this unique Lobster Tote is handcrafted from recycled sails in Maine. Some other designs available are a sea turtle, an octopus, or a narwhal.
This Mariner Cheese Board will the star of any buffet spread. This wheel spins around much like a Lazy Susan and contains 4 hidden cheese tools: a blunt-tipped knife, a chisel knife, a pointed-tip knife, and a fork.
For anyone who loves deep sea imagery, these vintage inspired prints would be a delightful addition to a beachy bathroom or coastal living room.
A playful accent for a lounge chair or guest room, this red life preserver pillow will add a splash of color wherever it lands.
The perfect utensils for a beach house kitchen, these Whale Salad Servers are handcrafted from teak. These are so gorgeous that they could even be used as a wall decoration!
A striking work of art, this Infinite Yellow Sanibel is handmade in New York from shells collected from the Long Island coast.
These nautical whiskey stones are great for chilling drinks without getting watered down by ice cubes. To use, simply freeze the soapstone shapes, then place the stones in your drink of choice. These non-porous rocks will not absorb any flavors, so they can be used time and time again.
Filled with sand from your loved one’s favorite shore, this beach heart necklace is a unique way to remember a beloved vacation spot, proposal, or honeymoon. The recipient will be filled with heartwarming memories each time they wear this bangle.
Any ocean lover will be delighted to receive a bar (or two!) of this beautiful seafoam soap. Handmade using organic and fair-trade ingredients, this soap is creamy, bubbly, and refreshing!
This multi-purpose wall hook is a practical gift for anchoring one’s belongings. Hang it near the front door for jackets and essentials, or mount it anywhere in the house for a touch of deep sea style.
These sea monster bookends are the perfect addition to a nautical lover’s decor. The recipient can put them on a bookcase, a floating shelf, or even on side table.