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Gift Ideas for the Geek

Who comes to mind when you think about geeks? Perhaps some of your friends or family members are math whizzes, science nerds, or are just super smart. Take a peek at the gifts below; the elves selected these gifts with your beloved geeks in mind. (Psst… If your friends are ardent Star Wars fans or devout Doctor Who fanatics, click here for Star Wars gifts and here for Doctor Who gifts.)

This brass dish may look quite simple at first glance, but upon closer inspection you’ll see it’s cleverly complex. The geometric “mesh” of this DIY Push Jewelry Bowl is inspired by mathematics and is malleable, so the recipient can shape it into a bowl.
Filled with iron-based particles, this Super Magnetic Putty is just that—super magnetic. When placed near the magnet (included), the putty will slowly stretch and engulf the magnet. When you click the link above, be sure to check out the video of the putty in action!
This physics inspired Think Like a Proton Stamp would be a great gift for your science-y friends. With this stamp, they can send a positive message on letters, cards, or even in their own scrapbook.
Want to tell your significant other how beautiful they make your life? Say it in geek speak when you give them this “You are the CSS to my HTML” T-shirt.
Waffles will never be the same again now that your geeky friends can prepare their favorite breakfast food with this super cool Keyboard Waffle Iron.
This funny math poster is a perfect gift for geeks who wish their pie charts came à la mode. Available in 3 sizes and 25 colors.
There’s so much to love about this Einstein Pi Portrait. Einstein’s birthday is on 3/14 (also known as Pi Day), so it’s fitting that this portrait was designed using the first 222 digits of pi.
Your nerdy friend will be stylin’ with this classy Equation Geek Watch. In place of each number is an equivalent mathematical notation.
Your geeky friends will know exactly what this There’s No Place Like T-shirt means. Whenever they wear this tee, they’ll chuckle each time they see the nonplussed look on someone’s face.
The proof is in the pudding, er… at the bottom of these bowls. The outside of each bowl states a theorem, and the inside shows the corresponding proof. This set comes with four bowls featuring proofs from Euclid, Pythagoras, Hippasus, and Gauss.
A pi-rfect bowl for math lovers, the sides of this sturdy stainless steel bowl display many digits of pi. The recipient can use it as a fruit bowl or display it on a coffee table as a conversation piece.
Put your loved one’s puzzle solving skills to the test with this set of 5 puzzles inspired by historic women. Included in the set are Cleopatra’s asp and pyramid, Queen Victoria’s cross, Boadicea’s chariot wheels, Florence Nightingale’s lamp, and Marie Curie’s asteroid.