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Gift Ideas for the Musician

Do you know someone who is passionate about music? Perhaps they love to compose little ditties and perform ballads as much as they enjoy listening to their favorite concerto. Whether your friend is a music guru or enthusiast, the gifts below will strike a chord with their soft spot for songs.

This Music Note Measuring Spoon Set is the perfect present for a music lover who also enjoys baking. The set includes a music staff, so the recipient can display these spoons on their kitchen wall when not in use.
For a newbie guitarist who wants to practice strumming chords on-the-go, PocketStrings is a compact, convenient, and quiet way to hone one’s skills without disturbing others on a plane, train, or hotel room.
This Personalized Mixtape Pillow is sure to please any music lover, especially those who remember playing such tapes on their Walkman! The pillow is two-sided, so you can personalize both the A-side and the B-side.
Whether your percussionist pal likes to drum for fun or play for pay, they’ll enjoy this Timber Drum for many years to come. Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee using oak, ash, and birch wood.
Foot tappers and finger drummers can expand their repertoire with this Musical Ruler. By following the markings on the ruler, your musically-inclined friend can play tunes at their desk whenever they are feeling inspired.
Turn your friend’s favorite song into a one-of-a-kind print they can proudly display in their home. You choose the song and the color of the sound wave. Black is shown here, but several other colors are also available, such as gold, aqua, red, orange, and more!
This Music Transposition Ring is a unique and practical accessory for a composers, musicians, or students who need to reference the “circle of fifths.”
Music lovers will be amped up when they receive this personalized doormat with their family name on it.
This Acoustic Guitar Phone Case will strike a chord with music lovers everywhere. The case is available in 15 sizes to accommodate both Android and iPhone users.
Made from poplar wood, these drumstick pens enable percussionists to tap their favorite beat in class, at work, or wherever their drum set is out of reach. Set includes two pens.
With Pocket DJ Mixer, anyone can turn their phone, MP3 player, or laptop into a sound mixing machine. Best of all, this mini mixer is pocket-sized, so it’s ultra portable!
A great gift for music teachers or music lovers, this cozy pillow features a distressed design of musical rest symbols on 100% linen fabric.