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Gift Ideas for the Superhero Fan

Superhero fans have the ability to exist across time and space. Time: Anyone can be a superhero fan—from little squirts to seasoned comic book buffs. Space: Your friends can debate Marvel vs. DC no matter where they live. For the superhero fanatics in your life, check out these gift ideas.

Give these Superman cufflinks to your guy to show him that he’s a superhero in your eyes. Both classy and fun, your beau can wear them on days when he wants a super power boost.
Marvel movie lovers will fall heads over shields for this Avengers Watercolor Poster. Printed on semi-gloss paper, this beautiful poster is ready to be framed.
For any dad who loves comics and superheroes, this Superhero Sign is great way to show him how much he means to you and your kids.
This superhero bookend is a unique gift that will spark many a conversation as folks wonder how the caped man keeps the books from falling. Here’s the secret: the hero’s hand magnetically attaches to the base through the cover of the supporting book. Also available as a female superhero.
Need to supercharge your family with snacks on the go? These DC Comics Snack Bags are reusable, so the whole family can save the earth by eliminating disposable plastic bags from their lunch routine.
Kids will be thrilled when they unwrap this Avengers Waffle Maker on Christmas morning. The waffle iron makes 4 waffles, each one imprinted with an avenger’s symbol.