Paper Ornaments: Balloon Shape

These ornaments remind me of hot air balloons. After making similar ornaments earlier today, I wanted to make a more complex shape. I made a couple of these using construction paper and using double-sided scrapbook paper. Switch up the paper to create different “balloons.”

Supplies & Tools:


  1. Print template and cut out pieces.
  2. Trace pieces A and C onto white paper, and pieces B and D onto green paper.  (If using double-sided paper, see instructions below.)
  3. Cut out pieces.
  4. Stack the pieces in this order: D-C-B-A-B-C-D.
  5. Stack pieces so that they are lined up along the bottom edge. I find it helpful to use a paperclip to hold the pieces together.
  6. Staple pieces C-B-A-B-C together. Then glue D pieces d in place. Remove paperclips and set aside.
  7. Line up pieces along top edge, and staple together pieces C-B-A-B-C. Then glue D pieces in place.
  8. Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 7″ long. (Cut a longer piece if you’d like a longer loop to hang the ornament.)
  9. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon in place.
  10. Tie a small bow from ribbon and glue to ornament.

Ideas from the elves:

  • Instead lieu of a bow, cut out a small image from a piece of scrapbook paper and glue in place.
  • Try adding a dot of glue and sprinkle with a fine glitter. I used hot glue so that it keeps its round shape, but tacky glue will work just as well.

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