Pinecone Trees

Great as a table centerpiece or other house decoration, this tree is a pretty yet thrifty decoration. I collected my pinecones from outdoors, so all I needed to buy was the paint to decorate it!

Supplies and Tools:

  • 6″ foam cone
  • Pinecones (about 45–50 pinecones)
  • Mini hot glue gun
  • Mini hot glue sticks


  1. Collect clean pinecones from outdoors. I used about 45 small pinecones (size ranges from 1.5″ to 2″ long)
  2. Begin gluing the pinecones to the cone. It is okay if there is a small nub sticking out of the base of the pinecone as it will help hold the pinecone to the foam.
  3. Apply a dab of hot glue to the base of the pinecone and immediately stick near the base of the foam.
    Note: I find it helpful to sort the pinecones by size. Glue the larger ones at the base of the foam and smaller ones near the top.
  4. Glue a ring of pinecones around the base of the cone.
  5. Continue gluing pinecones close together.
  6. Continue until you get to the top. If necessary, break off a few petals of the pinecones so that they fit close together.
  7. Glue one pinecone on top, standing upright.

Ideas from the elves:

  • Frosted tips: Place a small amount of white paint onto a paper plate. Lightly dip the tip of paintbrush in paint. Gently pass the brush over the tips of the pinecone petals. This will give it an appearance of snow on the pinecone. Set aside and let dry. Repeat for each pinecone.
  • Glittered tips: Place a dollop of glue on a paper plate. Apply glue to the tips of the pinecones. Sprinkle with glitter.
  • Silver tree: Paint your pinecone tree with silver spray paint.

Elfy Hints:

  • If your pinecones are damp, place a single layer of pinecones on a baking sheet and place in oven at 200–250° Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes to dry any excess moisture. Remove pinecones from oven and let cool for 30 minutes.

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10 comments on “Pinecone Trees

  • Kat said:

    cute pinecones

  • Katina said:

    that is a beautiful piece. if i owned one it would be the center peice to my table.

  • Kailey said:

    I have made these with family! So much fun!

  • Maia said:

    This is so beautiful! The only thing i would say is that, i get fed up sometimes, because if i look for something to do, all the ones i want to do you have to use a glue gun :( Never mind i have other thing i can do!

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Hi Maia! I would highly recommend purchasing a hot glue gun, as it comes in really handy when doing crafts.

    [And if you’re a kid, make sure to have your parent’s help when using the hot glue gun because the glue does get really hot!]

  • Sofia said:

    Beautiful pinecone tree. If I had one i’ll do it huge so I could decorate it just like a Christmas tree.

  • Maia said:

    Hi Becky, Sorry i have only just come and checked the website! Thank you for your reply. Yes i am a kid so i will have to get my Mum or Dad to help me. Thanks again. I was just wondering because you have a face as your picture, i was just wondering are you a elf? x

  • Becky

    Becky said:

    Hi Maia! Well, I work at the North Pole, so what do you think? :)

  • Maia said:

    Hi Becky. How exciting an elf has replied to me :) I have been off school now for a few months. And getting emails like yours cheer me up :) Thank you so much, you have made my day :) Maia x x x x x x x x x

  • Addison said:

    These are awesome! Great crafts for Christmas!

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