Mrs. Claus' Cookbook - Tabby the Tomato Nose Reindeer

Tabby the Tomato Nose Reindeer

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From the kitchen of Jasmine

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Tags: Fun to make with kids, Good for parties/potlucks, Kid friendly, Quick & easy


1/2 cup tuna salad, cheese spread or ham spread
carrot strips
2 hard boiled egg slices or cucumber slices
1 cherry tomato


  1. On a plate form the head of the reindeer by shaping the tuna, cheese or ham into a "peanut" shape, make the bottom a little larger than the top. Make antlers by cutting the carrot strips into two pieces; arrange like tree branches on top of the head. Use egg or cucumber slices for the eyes. Add the tomato for the nose at the bottom. Serve with crackers.

  2. This can be made larger for a crowd or a party. Use more spread for head and 1/2 of an egg cut top to bottom for larger eyes and a larger tomato for a nose. Leave the carrot strips whole.


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