Craft Cottage - Felt Starburst Ornament

Skill Level:


Crafting Time:

1-3 hours


Hand Sewing





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Felt Starburst Ornament

The icy tones of this monochromatic ornament remind us of the cool colors of winter. Because it would be challenging (at best!) to trace the pattern onto the felt with a marker, we used an uncommon method to transfer it: a Chartpak blender marker and a photocopy of the template. Continue reading to learn more about this technique. Once you make this ornament, click here to see how to make custom ribbons using the same technique!

Supplies & Tools:

  • Printable template (download here)
  • Off-white felt
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Light gray embroidery floss
  • Dark silver metallic embroidery floss
  • Kreinik Metallic Blending Filament
  • Poly-Fil®
  • Silver ribbon
  • Chartpak blender marker
  • Burnishing tool: bone folder or popsicle stick
  • Tape


  1. Print the template on a LASER printer. (Ink jet will not work!) You can print the template at a print shop like FedEx Office, Staples, or Office Depot. Or you can print it at home on your ink jet printer and then photocopy it wherever there is a laser copier. Many grocery stores have a copy machine near the customer service desk.
    Note: Keep in mind that the template is only good for one transfer. So, if you are going out of your way to make laser copies, print extras!
  2. Cut around the piece leaving a 0.5" border.
  3. Tape the template face down on the felt. Make sure the tape does not overlap the black lines.
  4. Working in small sections, “color” over the lines of the template with the blender marker and then quickly burnish with bone folder. (The blender marker transfers the toner from the template onto the felt. Because felt is a porous material, the transfer will be very light.)
  5. Once you’ve transferred the whole template, peel the template off the felt and discard. (It is good for only one transfer.)
  6. Cut along the solid, outer line of the ornament and then cut another ornament shape. Set the blank ornament piece aside.
  7. Cut a piece of dark silver metallic floss and separate 2 strands. Set the other strands aside.
  8. Notice there are 3 dotted circles in the center of the ornament. Stitch lines to connect the dots of the outermost and innermost circles with 2 strands of dark metallic floss. (The reason you don’t sew in the very center on this step is because the center would become too bulky.)
  9. Combine 2 strands of Kreinik blending filament and 1 strand of light gray floss.
  10. Embroider lines from the remaining dots (middle circle) to the center. Set aside.
  11. Now cut a piece of ribbon that is 9" long. Fold in half and sew the ends to the blank felt piece, overlapping the top point by about 1 inch.
  12. Stack both felt pieces and begin sewing together with a running stitch. Use 2 strands of light gray floss and 1 strand of Kreinik blending filament.
  13. Once sewn about 3/4 around, fill with Poly-Fil® and then finish sewing. See this article on how to tie off the thread and hide the knot.
  14. Now your ornament is complete!

Idea from the Elves:

  • Make a matching embroidered card. Use a pin to poke holes based on the template in the card and then proceed to embroider it. Sew the starburst the same as above and use a backstitch to sew the outline of the ornament. Don’t tie the ends in a knot; leave a 2–3" tail and weave it through the stitches instead. This way, your card will lay as flat as possible. uses cookies.

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