Etsy Item of the Day: Hand Felted Elf Slippers


{Insert a moment of silence as I ogle over these slippers.}

I am so in love with these slippers. I adore the perfect little twist at the toe of the shoe. I really want a pair in EVERY color! White, pink, yellow… yes, definitely every color. There are just no words to describe how much I love these elf shoes.

Etsy Seller: Owly Boutique

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6 comments on “Etsy Item of the Day: Hand Felted Elf Slippers

  • finley said:

    nice elf slippers

  • sherry said:

    Love these slippers from one of my favorite shops on Etsy!
    I think our tree cookie ornaments go well with them 🙂

    We Love the North Pole!

  • Amy said:

    those are very creative shoes

  • jamyra said:

    those elf shoes are so pretty. i would like to get those but i rather not.

  • Christos said:

    πολύ ωραία παπούτσια!!

  • Marg said:

    nice shoes. love them? i do

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