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Category Archives: Garland & Bunting

Snowflake Lanterns


Transform a strand of Christmas lights with only mini plastic cups and paper! That’s right—cups and paper! I used white plastic cups (the 3 oz. size) found in the paper products aisle at the grocery store. Depending on where you shop, they might also be called bathroom cups.  I tested these lanterns with clear cups, but they didn’t diffuse the light when turned on. The lights inside the white cups illuminate the opaque plastic nicely, casting subtle shadows from the snowflakes. You cannot tell that these are cups once the lights are on!

Strands of lights usually come with 100 mini lights. You only need to cover about half of the lights with cups. You can also use these as a tealight holder—with flameless candles only!

Paper Bauble Garland

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These fun baubles make a cute garland, but are also pretty as a stand-alone ornament. This is a great activity if you have lots of hands to keep busy, as it expedites the process. I used the 1-inch circle punch for this, but you may use a larger one if you like. This will produce a garland that is about 48 inches long. You may space the baubles however you like—closer together or further apart.

Ring in the Holidays with a Christmas Banner


Banners have been around for ages, literally, since the good ol’ days with castles, princes, and princesses. Wait! There still are castles, princes, and princesses. Well, anyway… Now you can make your own holiday banner. This banner is classic red and green, but you can experiment with paper and choose colors that best suit your taste. If you’d like different words on your banner, print the letters from your computer (be sure to increase the size!) and cut out.

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