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Gnome In Your Home


Meet the Christmas gnomes. Left to right: Papa G, Mama G, Kiddo G, and Baby G. Kiddo’s hat is just a teensy bit too large, but it’s Papa’s old hat, and Kiddo can’t wait to grow into it. Aren’t they cute? They’re round, fluffy, and just a wee bit bouncy!

Make one or more—these guys are a great gift idea! With magnets on their feet, they are simply adorable as jar toppers. (Looking for homemade gift ideas in a jar? Click here.) They also might like to hop on your refrigerator or filing cabinet! Who knows what other mischievous things these gnomes might get into…

Felty, Fluffy Peppermint


What’s red and white and round all over? A fuzzy, felt peppermint! This peppermint can be an ornament on your Christmas tree, a decoration on a wreath, or a festive embellishment for your home. Use it as an appliqué for a holiday pillow or scale it up and turn the mint into a pillow itself! This fun craft is great for kiddos and grown-ups alike. Use red and white felt for a traditional mint, or use green and white to make a spearmint.


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Felt Linzer Sable Ornaments

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I was inspired to make these cookies while experimenting with the reverse appliqué technique. Originally, I planned to knit or crochet the middle layer and have an unexpected texture peeking through the cutout. As I was making several of these, I wanted to make a variety of shapes and provide an easier option for those who may not want to knit. Therefore, I used felt in the main directions and knitting in the alternate directions.

DIY Play Dough Ornaments


Before we jump into this craft, I want to say “Thanks!” to Kristi for submitting this recipe. I tested the recipe and can now say it’s elf-approved. (Have a craft or blog idea you want to share? Contact us here.)

These dough ornaments are easy to make and fun for the whole family. For our American readers, this would be a simple and festive project to do while the whole family is together for Thanksgiving. You can imprint anything you like in the dough: each family members’ fingerprint and the year, handprint, paw print, or anything with texture (bumpy glass, lace, beads, pine needles, stamps, etc.).


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