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A Star is Brightly Gleaming

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Sparkles and glitter, oh my! Whoever said glitter doesn’t bring happiness? No one! I love how the aqua glitter paper really brings out the sparkles of the white glitter paper. If that were not enough, there’s the metallic star. GLAM SLAM! This glitzy Christmas card will brighten anyone’s day (no pun intended). Before you make a gazillion of these, keep one thing in mind—square envelopes require additional postage.

Handmade Marbled Paper & Cards


Create your own paper to make special holiday cards! I used enamel paints to create the marbled swirl effect on cardstock and then made some cards. The abstract flower is a nice alternative to the classic Christmas poinsettia. For the other card, I added glitter along the swirls of the print. Make each card unique by experimenting with different types of paper.

For the Love of Christmas Trees


I just love trees. And while I like all trees, but there is something special about Christmas trees. A wintery landscape is simply breathtaking and the sight of tall evergreens freshly coated with snow is beautiful. I love to gaze and to take it all in… the branches gently drooping under the weight of the snow, the sunlight glistening over mounds of snow—the beauty of it amazes me. In regard for these beloved conifers, here are a series of ideas for Christmas cards.

Peek-a-Boo Present


Remember those pop-up books? (Those were one of my favorites…) Today, I’ll show you how to make your own pop-up card. The best part is that you can put whatever you like inside the box—a family photo, calendar picture, whatever you like! Once the card is finished it is a little front-heavy; that’s why I recommend making the entire card out of chipboard.


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