Etsy Item of the Day: Pearl the Polar Bear

Meet Pearl the Polar Bear who is just too cute for words! This wooly is needle felted and made with pure 100% wool, and I love how simple yet sweet she is. Pearl would look great on your Christmas tree, mantle, or even on your desk at work for a wee touch of wintery joy.

Etsy Seller: Handmade by Brynne

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8 comments on “Etsy Item of the Day: Pearl the Polar Bear

  • REBEKAH said:


  • April said:

    I looooove this website! Everyone just has to have an account on this website. Great for young children and those who believe in Santa Claus. 🙂

  • Briita said:

    Love the pic. It’s so cute. :}

  • Rachel said:

    that is sooooo cute. i would love to have one

  • Shannon said:

    These are adorable!!! wish i had some, keep up the good work!

  • tia said:

    pearl is ssssoooo cute:]

  • Jada said:

    I <3 Pearl!

  • Chelsea said:

    Making one for friend. Love it!

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