Etsy Item of the Day: Reindeer Hat

As you can probably tell, we love all things handmade. There is just something so special about an ornament, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing when someone makes it with love and care and their own two hands.

Since we adore handmade goods, we’ve decided to feature an Etsy Item of the Day each day in order to share with you the sweet, festive, awesome, and silly stuff we find on Etsy.

So may I present to you today’s Etsy Item of the Day—a soft, hand-crocheted reindeer hat. How adorable!

Etsy Seller: Jo Jo’s Boutique

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4 comments on “Etsy Item of the Day: Reindeer Hat

  • laney said:

    i think that is so cute. how adorable.

  • Cj said:

    i want 1!

  • Charlotte said:

    that baby is so cute with the hat.

  • Sarah said:

    Too adorable. I have a new baby cousin named Ollie. Definitely making one for him.

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