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Etsy Item of the Day: Wee Clay Hippo

Besides basset hounds, I also really love hippos, so my heart melted a little bit when I came across this wee clay hippo. Those eyes, the hippo ears, the itty-bitty holly behind her ear—so precious I almost can’t stand it!

Etsy Seller: The Air Castle

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8 comments on “Etsy Item of the Day: Wee Clay Hippo

  • tommymckeejr said:

    nice hippo

  • ashleigh said:

    it’s so cute

  • irin said:

    it’s precious

  • Shelby said:


  • stacy said:

    amazingly cute!!

  • keeli said:

    i love that pic so much

  • elizibeth said:

    that is so cute.

  • Jada said:

    Cutest hippo I ever did see!

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